Friday, February 1, 2008

What a difference two years makes

So, inflation in this city has gotten pretty crazy. I experienced it repeatedly yesterday -- my first day back -- from apartments, to a taxi ride, to a samsa (triangle-shaped meat/cheese pastry) from a street kiosk. Even this session at an internet cafe is costing me more than it did two years ago.
Are any of you all experiencing similar things in other countries? I know the dollar's getting weaker and all, but geez! My time here is almost certainly not going to fit into my original budget. Hm, i guess i'll have to curtail how often I frequent my favorite chi-chi coffee shop....

But in other, more engouraging news - I have an apartment! I went to see it last night, and basically just took it on sight. By the way, this is the same place that my American friend rented from her former host sister (I mentioned it in an earlier post). My new landlady basically just handed me the keys on the spot, so I'll be moving in later today. Hurray! I really can't believe how lucky I've been thus far.

Last random bit, on my way to the Promenade mall this morning to check email, I passed my the state circus and saw that they were selling rides on various animals -- ponies, horses (yawn)... and camels!!! They are furry, huge -- like seven feet tall? -- and with two humps that are perfect for fitting a human in between. I watched a little kid ride around on this hulking beast -- he was loving it. they let grown-up kids ride the camels too???


Jennifer said...

Thanks for the gmail invite :) I love your blog thus far. It's fun hearing about your adventures! That's great you found an apartment. Can you post pics? Take care and be safe.
Love, Jenny

Marie said...

Happy to hear you've found yourself an apartment there. Besides the budget you'll have to figure out, it sounds like you are doing well. Can't wait to hear more of your stay there.

mashenka said...

I'll definitely post some photos soon -- I haven't even taken my camera out of my suitcase yet so I need to get moving on that. :)